Food from Every Stall on Norwich Market – Introduction

Norwich Market Food Series

In my latest series, since I’m in Norwich more this year, my friend Nathan and I have set about visiting every one of the food stalls on Norwich market. Doing around one a week, this will take around six months to complete and we’re drawing the locations at random to ensure we don’t visit all our favourites first (well, in my case, just going to Lucy’s). And I’ll be continuing to go to Lucy’s with my friend James a couple of times a week, as I don’t want them to lose out on our loyal custom.

I’ve taken the list below from the official Norwich market web-site, I’m aware it’s just a little out of date, so I’ll make changes below as we go along. Given that this list is fluid and changing, if a venue isn’t open when the official market web-site says it should be, then I’ll check the stall itself for any reasons for closure, then check their social media and if there’s no explanation I’ll assume it has permanently closed. I’ll link in the individual posts below throughout the year.

I’m not going to use scores as it’s too subjective and these market traders are working hard in difficult economic times, so it feels wrong to start trying to give marks. Just a few remarks in the most positive way that I feel appropriate, all with the hope of encouraging more people to try and the food and drink available at the market. Also, it’s not a market stall, but it is right on its boundary and that’s Brick Pizza.

A Taste of Punjab (Week 4)
Bun Box
Chimneys (Week 3)
China Wok (Week 1)
Churros for the People (Week 7)
Cocina Mia
Coral Bay
Falafel and Friends and Falafel and More
Feast (Permanently closed)
George’s Jacket Spuds
Henry’s Hog Roast (Week 5)
Indian Feast
Italian Food
Lucy’s Chips
Lucy’s Fish and Chips
Norwich Fresh
Ron’s Fish and Chips (Week 2)
Ruby’s (Week 6)
Taste of Shanghai (Week 8)
Tasty House South East Asian Street Food Emporium
The All Electric Banger Stop
Walsingham Farms Shop