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Food from Every Stall on Norwich Market – Week 11 and All Electric Banger Stop


Week 11 of eating at every food stall at Norwich market saw James and I visit the All Electric Banger Stop.


The prices are some of the cheapest on the market and the menu is clear with its foot long sausages. For those who don’t want a pork sausage, there’s the option of a chicken and beef saveloy, but there are no options for vegetarians. The stall wasn’t accepting credit cards on this visit, but this appears to be a temporary problem as they usually do take them. The stall holder was helpful and polite, warning us immediately that it was cash only, with the service being pro-active and friendly.


There are also soft drink cans available, but otherwise it’s a basic and concise menu.


I went for the basic hot dog with onions and took the opportunity to add free hot sauce and also tomato ketchup.


There we go, it looked most appetising. It’s quite a substantial sausage and it was meaty and rich in taste, with the caramelised onions adding extra flavour. The roll was also of a decent quality and was of a sufficient strength not to fall apart during the eating process. The on-line reviews are positive, with the exception of this recent one:

“W bułce powinna być parówka Frankfurterka a nie jakaś paskudna kiełbaska!!!”

This is a complain from a Pole that they wanted a Frankfurter sausage and not a pork one. Personally, I think they’re wrong, this isn’t some cheap New York street cart operation, there’s more decadence here at Norwich market.


James went for the chilli dog which also comes with cheese, lettuce, mayo and homemade chilli sauce. They blowtorch the top of the hot dog which hardens the cheese, also making it less messy to eat. I was wondering whether James would have a spillage incident on his shirt, but there were no disasters. James was suitably impressed at the whole arrangement, there wasn’t too much chilli sauce that it ran everywhere, but there was enough to taste.

I have eaten here before, but it’s a reminder of the excellent value offered. I’d come back here again, it’s easy and affordable. It’s feel good food, but I’m big on that as there’s nothing wrong with comfort eating on a weekday lunchtime. Reassuringly reliable.