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Stone – Royal Exchange


Continuing on our tour of Titanic pubs, we visited the Royal Exchange which is also listed in the Good Beer Guide. Their pubs all seem to be sharp looking, with clear branding and in a decent state of repair.


Formerly known as the Stone Inn there have been some efforts made with the external floral arrangements.


A beautiful line-up of beers. The staff member was helpful and friendly, it’s the inviting atmosphere that I had expected from Titanic.


The prices for the beer options.


The pub has just opened when we entered which is why it’s rather quiet, it’s clearly a popular pub judging from the positive on-line reviews. Although one customer posted:

“Called in today. Lovely pub, but when you say 1 for yourself when you get served I didn’t expect the barmaid to take £3.50 thought that was a bit naughty.”

I’m not sure that is entirely naughty, I think that might more be getting yourself a double whisky or something, but there we go.


How very true. I do like motivational signs in pubs that help customers develop and improve themselves.


I decided it would be a good idea if we sat in the front room as it seemed to have some character to it. This is one of those pubs that must feel quite cosy in the winter as they have real fires going, something which seems to be ever rarer today.


I went for half a pint of the First Class, an agreeable session hoppy bitter, which is the first time that I’ve tried this beer.

We were going from here to the Titanic Brewery tour, so this was a handy prequel to the whole arrangement. It’s a traditional and welcoming pub, handy for locals and visitors to the town. To top it off, as soon as I get to visit Stone for the first time, the veteran MP Bill Cash announced that he was standing down from the House of Commons at the next General Election, but I don’t think that the two events are linked. Anyway, I’m digressing again, I’d say in summary that this is an excellent pub and quite rightly in the Good Beer Guide.