There’s something exciting about random adventures, those which aren’t planned or researched in any great detail. So, on a drinking night with a friend (oooohhhh, travel friend….), Nathan, we thought that we’d try using GeoGuessr to randomly select a location in England and Wales. We’d then visit it and see what happened. I think it’s fair to say that we’re not expecting this to be world class content, but there’s a theory we’re testing that there are stories to be had everywhere, history to be found everywhere and friendly people to be found everywhere. Well, nearly everywhere as I’m sure there’s somewhere which fails to meet those expectations, but, I think it’ll be some time before we come across such a location…..

GeoGuessr 1 (St. Osyth, Essex)

GeoGuessr 2 (Wolseley Bridge, Staffordshire)

GeoGuessr 3 (Royal Oak, London)

GeoGuessr 4 (in July 2021)