I didn’t initially set out to visit every single JD Wetherspoons in the country, but my travel habit has meant that I’ve been able to visit a large number of them without trying very hard…..

Whilst in a JDW venue last year, I was given a directory of all of the chain’s pubs and I worked out that I had been in, at the time, around 330 of them. That figure is now nearer 400 and so I thought I’d better start to document exactly how many I’ve gone to.

As a caveat, I’m not going far out of my way to visit JD Wetherspoon pubs, so I’m not going to towns just because they have an outlet. However, if it’s nearby, I will just go and pop in. Once I reach the 500 number though, I might start to go slightly out of my way, but that will be my limit…..

I’d also add here that I don’t go to JD Wetherspoons because of the political views of Tim Martin, just because their real ale is reasonably priced and is routinely of a high quality. And some of their pubs are in really interesting buildings and they have very cheap unlimited coffee.

And to balance things out, I also try and visit every pub listed in the Good Beer Guide as well. JD Wetherspoon do have their good points, but it’s equally important to visit independent pubs offering something different and who have a real focus on customer service and great real ale (and real cider). But, for the moment, this is just a record of my visits to all of the JDW outlets.

This might take some time to put together, so I’ll have to do it by county, and I’ll start merrily adding more pages to this section shortly.

WETHERSPOONS BY COUNTY: (this will take me ages to finish…)


Greater London (A-B)