Over the last few years I’ve managed to visit a lot of JD Wetherspoon outlets, and so I will be trying to list and reference all of those that I’ve been to. The figure is just under 400, so there’s a long way to go. It’ll take me some time to get through writing about all those I’ve visited, but I’ll keep working on it.

Much as JD Wetherspoon outlets have a lot going for them in terms of affordable prices, as well as a wide range of real ale and real cider, there are also many other great pubs out there. So, with the assistance of Nathan and his book, here is my list of pubs I’ve visited in CAMRA’s Good Beer Guide.

In around 2013 there was a series of news articles about a tour company that was attempting to run a tour which would visit every UNESCO World Heritage site in the world. There are just under 1,100 sites on the list at the moment, but when I’ve had the opportunity in recent years, I’ve visited as many sites as I can. Some of the sites are so remote that I’ll likely never visit them, but since I love history and travel, I’m going to visit as many as I can, and I’ll try and write about them here.