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As a quick explanation, this blog hasn’t been set up to try and win any awards or make money. Which is fortunate, since it is unlikely to. It’s very general, so is likely to appeal to few people and doesn’t follow the traditional advice of having a niche blog. That would be the way to win awards and make money… It is instead set up so that I can tell some stories and remind myself where I’ve been.

This means that there are lots of posts about dead people whose gravestones I’ve felt the need to research. There are so many untold stories about how people used to live and work, let alone the world around us today that needs exploring with care to find truth and meaning. There’s also a lot about the random, a new way of seeing the world.

There’s also a fair amount about long-distance walking and a lot about the hospitality industry, primarily pubs, hotels and restaurants. I no longer having an exciting gig to travel the world being paid for by an airline, but I do consultancy work for the hospitality industry and continue to earn money from contributing to guide books. The habit of travel continues though, so there’s a bulk of posts about airline travel and airport lounges.

In addition, there’s plenty about long distance walking (did I mention that I’ve walked the LDWA 100?) and also lots about craft beer and the Good Beer Guide.

Please do contact me if you feel I’ve made a mistake with anything (that is quite likely if I’m being honest) or have information about a post. If there’s information about dead people whose family trees I’ve looked into, then I would like to know about any corrections or additions. If you want to sell me stuff though, you’re likely wasting your time contacting me.

I try and respond within a few hours to any message.

Contact Me

    If, with the very best will in the world, you’ve messaged me to sell me something, you’re not very likely to be successful. If you’ve messaged me and it’s not spam, I’ll get back to you shortly  🙂    (if I haven’t got back to you, please message again or e-mail me at