Welcome to my little blog, created primarily as I keep forgetting where I’ve been. OK, that’s not the greatest reason to create a blog, but it does me. I like history, quirky things, adventure (not too much), trains, planes, fast food, slow food, craft beer and walking. I’m proud to say that I now have two loyal readers, so what a time to be alive!

There’s lots about the LDWA 100 and I managed to walk this myself in 2021 (brave and perhaps stupid I admit). I like random as well, so I’m also doing my own version of the GeoGuessr challenge, where I get given a random location in the UK and then I just go there. There’s also stuff about Accor Hotels who I stay at quite a lot, as well as flights and lounges which are mostly all about British Airways. I’m also slowly working my way around pubs listed in CAMRA’s Good Beer Guide.

Talking of 100s, here’s the last 100 posts, to give a flavour of the torrent of piffle I’m capable of (and some interesting bits along the way I think for anyone who can sift through everything).

Finally, I’m from Norfolk, so there’s quite a lot about that too… If you notice there are some missing images on older posts, that’s because I’m moving them to Flickr. I still have them, just message if you wanted to see a particular image.

My pub of the year (an award not exactly internationally recognised just yet) in 2019, the Hop and Vine in Hull, who kindly put this on their board   🙂

And a lovely comment about a post I made on this blog from the Blackfriars Tavern in Great Yarmouth.

Food from Norwich Market

Food from Every Stall on Norwich Market – The End and the Final Results

Over the last few months, I’ve visited all 29 of the food stalls at Norwich market, initially with my friend

Food from Every Stall on Norwich Market – Week 29 and Go Crepes

Here we are with the final instalment (for now) of my plan to eat at every food stall at Norwich

Food from Every Stall on Norwich Market – Week 28 and Walsingham Farm Shop

And we’re in the final week of eating at every food stall at Norwich Market and today’s visit was to

Food from Every Stall on Norwich Market – Week 27 and Bread Source

Apologies that Norwich Beer Festival meant that there was no post last week, but I’m pleased to say that there


Smuggler’s Trod 2023 – LDWA Challenge Event

What better way to spend an August Bank Holiday Saturday than by going on an LDWA challenge walk? Hayley and

LDWA – Daffodil Dawdle 2023

The Daffodil Dawdle is one of the challenge events that is organised by Norfolk & Suffolk LDWA and one that