Accor Hotels

Since I seem to now be visiting Accor hotels on an industrial scale, I thought that I’d post more information about them on this page. I’ve stayed at around 100 Accor hotels now and with just one exception (more on which shortly), I’ve never had a negative experience with any of their hotel staff (not that I really have a problem with any staff, but occasional little glitches creep out), who have always been impeccably friendly across the nations.

I don’t like the new Ibis rooms, but after not getting much reply from their press office, I have now spoken to someone senior at Accor who has put my mind at rest (at rest, nice little play on words for a hotel…. perhaps not, but anyway). I’m happy again now on that regard. I doubt anything will change, but I’m easily pleased.

Richard suggested compiling a welcome amenity page which I’ve been keeping updated with his and my visits.



Bucharest – Hotel ibis Bucharest Gare De Nord

Heathrow – Ibis Heathrow

Warsaw – Ibis Warszawa Ostrobramska

Florence – Ibis Airport North

London – Ibis Budget City Airport

Warsaw – Ibis Warsaw Centrum

Warsaw – Ibis Warsaw Reduta

Gdansk – Ibis Gdańsk Stare Miasto

Gdynia – Mercure Centrum

Torun – Ibis Budget

Warsaw – Ibis Warsaw Stare Miasto

Kielce – Ibis Centrum

Bialystok – Ibis Styles