Warsaw – Mercure Warszawa Airport

Not through any deliberate plan of action, but more through what’s cheaply available, I’ve been working around Accor hotels in Warsaw that I haven’t visited before. To be fair, there aren’t many left now that I haven’t been to, other than the most expensive ones such as Raffles Warsaw and that’s a bit decadent for me. Anyway, this hotel is relatively near to the airport and also right next to a tram line, which is very handy. When approaching the hotel, I hoped to be in the circular tower bit on the left, as I thought that might give better views.

My room, which I was delighted to see was in the circular tower, but it took me a moment to spot where the room numbers were. I’m not entirely sure that’s the best place for them, but there we go….

The room, which the hotel had very kindly upgraded, which I much appreciated. It felt slightly more old-fashioned than some of the other Mercure, and indeed Accor, hotels, but it was clean, comfortable and entirely met my needs.

The coffee tray selection and it did take me some time to figure out that coffee machine. There’s a switch on the side which is a bit hidden away and it produces more coffee than can fit in the cup, which wasn’t ideal.

And a free welcome gift, I’m very easily won over by chocolate, so I decided at this point that I liked the hotel.

The reception area did lack atmosphere, but this was no doubt down to the current health situation. There didn’t seem to be that many guests and it wasn’t really a place that anyone needed to linger for long. Other than me when I wanted my drink that is.

My welcome drink, which was the Zywiec Porter that I so very much like. I did wonder whether this would be seen as a restricted drink, but the staff member said the voucher included all beers. She’s right, that’s exactly what the voucher says, but the view on this seems to vary in a couple of hotels. But I won’t start on that again….

The staff member at the bar was friendly and seemed quite pleased she had something to do when I turned up, as I was the only person there and indeed the only person that I saw in the bar area at all at any time. The receptionist was also personable and engaging, but that was my limit to seeing any staff in the hotel.

This hotel had gone further than the others in presenting documentation in the room as to what was going on. Everything was laminated and this information was actually quite useful, including some new times for the bar and restaurant. I didn’t have breakfast at this hotel, but there were instructions on what to do and how to order it. There were some strange policies like the hotel announcing they’d removed all the “safety procedures in case of fire” from the rooms, which they actually hadn’t and I’m not sure that the current health crisis demands that they should.

Anyway, the hotel was spotlessly clean and I very much liked it, I think it’s one of my favourites in the city. There’s some road noise, although nothing major, but, internally, I didn’t hear anything. It was easy to control the temperature in the room, it was comfortable and I got a free chocolate bar and Zywiec Porter, so what more could I need?