Lidgate – Lidgate Star Census from 1911

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Old census returns are fascinating things, this one is from the Lidgate Star in 1911. It’s the Leach family, who were a couple who had four children, all female, although two children had already died. William and Margaret had married in Newmarket in the final quarter of 1893.

William James Leach (born in 1867)

Margaret Leach (born in 1867)

Margaret Leach (born in 1895)

Winifred Leach (born in 1896)

Dorothy Leach (born in 1898)

Florence Leach (born in 1899)

William Crick (born in 1874)

William and his family had also been at the pub at the 1901 census, with William Crick being Margaret’s brother.

William James Leach died on 6 August 1947 at the age of 81.