Aarhus – Aarhus Theatre

Many of the images on older posts on this blog are missing, a situation which is sub-optimal. Fortunately, I still have them, it’s just going to take a fair while to restore them. But, I understand that my two loyal blog readers demand it, so I will fix the little issue eventually and I’m pleased to note that this page has now been fixed.

The original content of this page is hardly riveting and one of the photos is clearly at a tilt, but it has taken years to fine tune this blog contents to build up my readership of two, so early errors are forgivable. It reminds me of the purpose of this blog though, I’ve nearly entirely forgotten much of my trip to Aarhus and posts like this help me piece it back together…. As an aside, I rather liked the line on their web-site:

“Most performances are aimed at a national audience and performed in Danish. On select days we offer live subtitles in English to your mobile device.”

Maintaining the language whilst still being accessible to foreign speakers (well, English foreign speakers), seems a well thought out compromise.


The city’s grand theatre opened in 1900, replacing a rather tired building on Kannikegade.


There are a variety of decorations on the front of the building, many are in the Jugend style, similar to Art Nouveau.


The stonework was recently restored due to damage from air pollution over the last century.