Aarhus – Hygge

It’s all very on-trend to talk about the Danish word ‘hygge’ and I’ve seen some British pubs describe their atmosphere using the word. Frankly though, if you run a pub where the clientele have to dodge glasses being thrown around and the star of the show is Fosters and Carling, then there’s a good chance that the concept isn’t working for you…..

I’ve seen how Denmark is often rated as the happiest country in the world, something which I’ve always been sceptical of. I’m unsure of how a country can be truly happy when it doesn’t have any outlets of Greggs, rather like a wine glass without wine.

But the city of Aarhus seems to be beautifully laid-back. People doesn’t seem hurried or stressed, there’s no yelling after drinking half a pint of Carling and there’s an almost care-free atmosphere. I’m not sure that Denmark is ready for Greggs yet, that burst of culinary energy might make them just too content, the inevitable danger is then that their productivity fades. So, just for now, Greggs for the British only.