Aarhus – Cabinn

Aarhus isn’t the cheapest of places to visit, but fortunately there is a hotel operated by the Cabinn chain. The hotel is ridiculously large in size with 401 rooms, which must make it one of the largest in the country. The upside is that it has a modern and clean environment, the downside is that the cost of all this is that the rooms have to be small.

There are numerous seating areas around the hotel, this is just a random one on the ground floor which is located away from the reception area. For a hotel with such limited room sizes it’s a real positive that they’ve been generous with the size of their public areas.

There are some paintings on the walls, a few books on bookshelves and it has a rather relaxing feel to it.

There are also some outdoor areas for those wanting to enjoy the overcast evening weather…. But I’m sure it’s lovely in summer.

There are a lot of these corridors around the hotel, with several wings of rooms located in the large building. The numbering is though clear and the hotel so far seems pretty spotless.

The room is small, but it’s functional and clean. Unusually for a budget hotel there’s also a kettle with coffee and ‘English Earl Grey Tea’ provided, which is a handy touch. The top bunk is rather high, although fortunately I won’t be needing this week, but there is a note on the hotel information that protective bars can be borrowed from reception to “avoid injury”.

For those who do want to brave the higher bunk, there is a handy ladder provided in the room.

The only little downside with this whole arrangement is that the controls for the shower and sink are integrated and they aren’t idiot proof. This has meant that I’ve had to spend ten minutes trying to work out which control works which item, and I still haven’t really worked it out. But it doesn’t matter, the random chance of it working is quite exciting.

The hotel is designed to feel like a cruise ship with a variety of different room sizes. For me this is easier to imagine as I have the canal outside the window, which is producing a rather lovely breeze.