2023 Lisbon Trip (Day Two – Chickinho @ LX Factory)


Steve and I were in charge of choosing the lunchtime restaurant at LX Factory and so we went for Chickinho given it was moderately well reviewed, looked reasonably priced and it sold what looked like delicious chicken. It’s a upstanding and reliable combination to be fair, or the last two at least.


The menu and as an aside it never really occurred to me that free range chickens were much smaller than their standard chicken. I was tempted by chicken wings, but Bev would have sneered at that, so I decided to be somewhat healthier and went for the salad although was inevitably tempted by the whole chicken. There are Nando’s vibes to this menu and indeed this large international chain has strong Portuguese connections


This was decent, the ingredients tasted fresh, the strips of tortilla added texture and the chicken was tender and flavoursome. Not clearly visible but there’s corn in there as well, along with one of my favourites which is avocado. It was suitably filling and didn’t overly rely on lettuce leaves as too many salads in the UK can do. We weren’t very creative as three of us ordered the same thing, with Bev’s burger seemingly being agreeable albeit messy to eat.


The black beer at 2 euros transpired to be Sagres Pretam, a dark lager, and this was suitably drinkable. In the background is the 25 de Abril Bridge which carries cars and lorries on its upper deck and the lower deck is a railway line.

There’s a large inside seating area at the restaurant, but we sat outside to enjoy the Portuguese ambience although I deliberately sat in the shade as the sun was shining just a little too brightly for my liking. The service was efficient and they readily split the bill four ways, which made things much easier. The negative reviews are mostly about the rudeness of the staff rather than the food, but we didn’t experience any problems and the welcome seemed authentically friendly. As a dining option at LX Factory, this seems to be a reliable one and I imagine that many kids would like it.