Norwich – Brick Pizza


Brick Pizza was established in 2015 and this is a handy off-shoot of my planning to eat at every food stall at Norwich market this year, as it’s not on the market itself but it overlooks it. To take the photo above I was standing in between two stalls, so this restaurant can get an honorary mention on my market post. Anyway, this is a long-standing pizza outlet that I’ve never managed to get around to going to before, with Richard fortunately not needing much persuasion to come along. The photo doesn’t really show that it was starting to snow relatively hard when we left the restaurant and the temperature was dipping somewhat.


Brick offers takeaway pizzas or there’s space for about 20 people inside, but it’s quite compact with four main tables and some higher seats overlooking the market. There was a fair turnover of customers during our visit to the restaurant even on a cold and snowy Wednesday evening. This part of the city is much busier during the day when the market and shops are open, with Brick being open from 12.00 until 22.00 on Tuesdays to Saturdays.


The pizza menu and orders are taken at the counter. The server was conversational and personable, the atmosphere inviting and informal. There was no loud music blaring out damaging the ambience and I liked how the welcome was always warm and immediate.


The drinks and sides menu.


I went for the Dynamite pizza which had salami, nduja sausage and chillies. I like the leopard spots and the toppings were generous, although for a pizza with the name that it has I did think that it could give a bit more heat. But still agreeable and prepared quickly in the wood-fired oven, it did have a depth of taste to it. The beer is Bitburger Premium Pils that they have on draft which was mediocre, but it’s only a small venue so it’s probably a reasonable choice as installing Funky Fluid and their exotic sours might seem a little out of place.


Richard wanted a decadent treat and went for the Emiliano which has toppings of Gorgonzola, mushrooms, rosemary and Norfolk ham. He seemed to be entirely satisfied with his choice, although he did say it wasn’t quite as rich in Gorgonzola as some previous similar pizzas he’s had. I was quite pleased at that, I’m not hugely keen on the small of Gorgonzola.

I liked it here, decent food, a friendly welcome, a clean environment and that sort of laid-back vibe that I like. For those who don’t want to visit in person, they do delivery and also sell frozen pizzas which are available at a number of food stockists across Norfolk and Suffolk. All very lovely.