Norwich Beer Festival 2019

And that was a lovely two days of volunteering at Norwich beer festival, my sixth year in a row. Always a friendly environment and I was sad to report that I didn’t even get one grumpy customer this year, although I did get the obligatory one who thought that there was unlimited beer for £3.

And, primarily for my own record since I can’t imagine anyone is in the slightest bit bothered, these were my favourite festival beers.

Orange Blood by 3D

Dark Drake by Dancing Duck

Robin Goodfellow by Papworth

Mild by Shipstones

Stain Glass Porter by Star Wing

Lemon and Basil by Blackjack

Cinder Toffee Mild by Half Moon

Hygge Figgy by Brass Castle

Dark Matter Custard by Turning Point

Stagecoach by Tombstone

Blackberry Porter by S&P