2023 Lisbon Trip (Day Three – Flor de Lúpulo)


From the exterior it’s not particularly clear what depth of quality there is to this bar with regards to the beer options. It’s only because they’re listed on Untappd, although for reasons unknown to me they’re listed twice, that I was excited to see what they had available. This expedition was just Steve and myself, then we were walking via another bar to the evening meal option I had taken it upon myself to choose to meet up with Bev and Susanna who were charging around some museum.


The beer menu and quite continental given that Funky Fluid is from Warsaw, and is one of my favourite breweries, and Garage is a brewery that I’ve been to in Barcelona. I promptly then ordered one beer from each, making this not a particularly Portuguese experience for me in terms of the brewing. In addition to this draft selection, they’ve also got a large fridge full of bottled options and there seemed to be bar snacks available as well.


The interior of the bar is quirky, informal and inviting. There are only three tables upstairs, with the bar and a slightly larger seating area downstairs. The service was prompt and welcoming, it all felt suitably on-trend without being formulaic.


The Kylian hazy IPA from Funky Fluid, it’s not their most exotic of beers but it was smooth and rich in flavour.


The P9 from Garage Beer of Barcelona, there was quite a kick to this fruity sour and had one of the strongest flavours of raspberries that I’ve experienced in a beer, I thought it worked well.

This was one of my favourite of the craft beer bars in Lisbon because of its laid-back approach and it also seemed to have more locals than tourists in contrast to some of the more central venues. I have to confess also that I enjoyed having a little taste of Warsaw in the middle of Lisbon, that was an unexpected treat. It is quite a small venue though and the bar location creates something of a pinch point, so other than for people who like crowds it’s probably best to visit earlier in the week or earlier in the evening during weekends.