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Food from Every Stall on Norwich Market – Week 28 and Walsingham Farm Shop


And we’re in the final week of eating at every food stall at Norwich Market and today’s visit was to the Walsingham Farm Shop. James and I are visiting the final stall tomorrow and our job here is done.


As a spoiler, I think it’s fair to say that this stall managed to confuse both James and I. Initially we thought that this display was misted up because of the warm pastries and pies inside.


The team member came over to clean the front of the display for us, which should have made it obvious to us that the food inside would not necessarily be warm as we thought it might be. But, look at how tempting this food selection is, this is all very me and my expectations were high.


I went for the turkey, stuffing and bacon pie which cost £4.95 and it was served cold. It’s fair to say that I had managed to be confused with the hot food signs at the unit. I’ve looked back at photos of this stall (and noted another customer has had this issue in a review that I hadn’t noticed earlier) and there appears to be a separate display board at the rear of the unit. The moral of this story is that don’t assume your customers aren’t idiots  🙂


And here’s the photo that James took, which is notably better than mine and so I’ll use this as the thumbnail once again.

The pie was of a high quality but we did think just how good this would have been hot with gravy. There’s a small seating area at the stall and everything was clean and organised with some condiments available. Anyway, the pie was packed with the promised ingredients with the turkey being tender and the bacon adding flavour, and some cranberry sauce at the base of the pie. All really rather lovely and I felt that I received perfectly reasonable value for £4.95.

Anyway, we were just about to leave when someone came with a hot pie, gravy and mash. They must have either been cleverer than us, more aware of their surroundings or it might have been explained to them differently. The shame about this is that if they had sold me a hot pie with gravy this would have been a contender for the best market stall when I announce the results to my two loyal readers tomorrow. But they didn’t, so they’re not.