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Food from Every Stall on Norwich Market – Week 27 and Bread Source


Apologies that Norwich Beer Festival meant that there was no post last week, but I’m pleased to say that there will be two next week and that’s the conclusion of my plan to eat at every food stall at Norwich market. Being honest, I’ve had to get James to rush those two visits in next week before I’m off on another little project.


Bread Source has something of a strong reputation locally with a couple of shops in Norwich and one in Aylsham.


The baked goods were neatly presented and looked appetising. The service was efficient and polite, with the stall accepting cards and cash. I ordered the last pastrami roll, meaning that James was forced to opt for something different, he went for a chicken mayo roll. The roll cost £3.80 and the everything in the stall was clean and tidy.


We’re on week 27 now and I haven’t really queried the quality of any item yet, just a couple have been a little expensive. I’m afraid this is the first one that I thought really wasn’t quite there in terms of the quality if I’m being entirely honest. Let’s compare this with the same product that I purchased at Bodega (and I’ve included that photo at the base of this post for those who don’t follow that link), another market stall, a few weeks ago. There were huge quantities of pastrami in that sandwich whereas this one had just one solitary piece. The roll was just a little dry and the ingredients completely inadequate in quantity for the roll, so the taste was mainly just dry roll. The flavour of the roll was pleasant and the pickle added some texture, but this didn’t really work for me as it just needed more filling. The seeded part of the roll was decent, but the salad element was just a couple of small pieces of lettuce, they hadn’t gone beyond that. It was a Tesco meal deal type of quality and I would have got a snack and a free drink if I had gone there for less than the price here.


This is James’s photo of his chicken salad roll, which had the same issue of being slightly dry and we’re looking here at something that probably wasn’t as good as Greggs would make. Perhaps we got unfortunate and other products are just better, with the doughnuts looking tempting. The main problem here wasn’t necessarily the slightly dried out roll, but really the lack of ingredients within it to try and add moisture, taste and texture. As mentioned, comparing this to Bodega showed the difference in the quality. I’m also not entirely sure that rolls should be left out in the open as they will need to be discarded more quickly if unsold, and I’m not entirely sure that they were doing that here.

But, I have to note that the reviews for Bread Source are very popular and they’ve been going here for several years, so it’s clear that there’s much that they’re doing right. If we had gone earlier and the roll was fresher, with more filling included, this would have likely met my expectations and I would have been merrily praising it. I’ll go again at some point and maybe one of the other products will surprise and delight me. But, for the positives, the service was friendly, the environment was clean and the products looked appetising. And, ultimately, the roll didn’t taste bad, it just wasn’t quite what I expected and I hope that the stall wouldn’t be annoyed at my mentioning that.


Just as a final reminder, this is the Bodega pastrami sandwich. I’m craving one of those now…. And I want to remind my two loyal readers that I’ve been impressed with nearly every other food stall at Norwich market, so I want to end on that positive note.