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Food from Every Stall on Norwich Market – Week 15 and Bodega


Week 15 was one of the stalls that I had most been looking forwards to visiting on my eating quest around Norwich market. I have eaten here once before and it has one of the best reputations for quality sandwiches, so a return visit was most agreeable for the purposes of this market food eating project.


The breakfast and lunch opening hours.


The menu with numerous tempting options, although I had already decided that in tribute to Katz’s deli in New York that I would go for the pastrami sandwich. The fish finger sandwich sounds delightful as well and that seemed to be the option most ordered whilst I was standing there.


I like the subtle humour dotted around the stall.


The stall uses the strategy of having a staff member outside taking orders so that the counter doesn’t become cluttered up. He was welcoming, engaging and knowledgeable, with the option to pay by card. Service was fast and customer names are taken so that they can shout the order out when it’s ready. The stall was busy, but it was all efficient and organised, with food orders taking around five minutes as they’re freshly made.


I very much like pastrami and so this suitably surprised and delighted me. The pickles and sauerkraut added texture, with the sauce ensuring that the sandwich wasn’t too dry. The pastrami was tender and very peppery, just as I like it to be, with the portion size being generous. It’s not necessary cheap at £7.50, but it is high quality and proved to be filling. James had the same pastrami sandwich and was also pleased, although pointed out that it does require some thought to work out how to eat to avoid any spilling incidents. As an aside, he was also keen to discover where on Norwich market they sold biltong, something we never really resolved.

The whole arrangement including signage, ordering, service and the food was all impeccable, so it will come as no surprise that I’d very happily recommend this stall to others. And I look forwards to returning and trying some of the other menu options. Definitely a contender for my favourite market stall and writing this has made me fancy another pastrami sandwich.