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Streets of Norwich – Rigbys Court

Part of my Streets of Norwich project….

Rigby’s Court, which is the small lane which leads from Bethel Street to St. Giles Street. There’s a small plaque (below) which is on the right-hand side property.

The lane takes its name from Dr. Edward Rigby (1717-1821) who was the Mayor of Norwich in 1805 who lived in the building. As the plaque notes, “he was associated with the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital for fifty years from its foundation in 1771, and was responsible for introducing vaccination into the city”.

There’s an opened up area along the lane, which are numbers 4-9. Number 4 was made a listed building in 1972, although I’m unsure why, it’s marked as being an early nineteenth century residential building that is now offices, of which Norwich has many…..

The building on the left, number 3, is an early nineteenth century residential property which became a printers and looks like it’s back to being a residential property again.

Not much has changed since the 1880s, although before 1850, it was known as Pitt Lane.