Norwich – Gonzo’s Tea Room


Firstly, I’d better stress that this isn’t a report from the Two Julians (so it won’t be appearing on, not least as Julian S was sensible enough not to stay out on this expedition of mine. Indeed, given that his propensity to stay out is much more decadent than mine, I should have taken that as a hint. But, nonetheless, I’ve wanted to visit Gonzo’s for some time and I haven’t found anyone tolerant enough to take me. Well, not until now anyway. Excuse the lack of quality of the first photo, but it was for Untappd.


Firstly, I don’t usually edit photos, but it doesn’t feel appropriate to leave these people in so I’ve blurred their faces. But it gives an indication of the excitement of the dance floor in the early hours of the morning. It’s also a relatively small venue at this point of the night, so I was pleased that it wasn’t too busy.

For privacy reasons, I won’t say in public which pub landlord decided they would take me to Gonzo’s, although there’s a hint here. I’m not one for dancing (to be more precise, it doesn’t happen ever and never will), or indeed for noise at all if I’m being honest, but this was a tolerable arrangement as I could have a little sit down and it was getting late. There was an effort with craft beers here, I stuck to the Bloody ‘Ell from Beavertown as I’ve always found that a reliable little number.


The night coming to an end…. Back to the venue itself, there is a terrace upstairs but that had closed by the time we got there. There was no admission charge and the service was friendly and efficient. The beers weren’t unreasonably priced and it felt safe and well managed, with sufficient serving and security staff. The toilets aren’t the largest, but that all adds to the adventure of the arrangement.

The venue does serve food during the day and will of course be very different, so when Julian S and I do get around to visiting this might be a very different sort of report. But, for now, my two loyal readers can get an idea of what the venue is like in the early hours of the morning. I’m not sure these late nights are good for me now I’ve reached 25, but a one off experience is never a bad idea.