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Food from Every Stall on Norwich Market – Week 14 and Jacket Spuds & More


Next in the little adventure of eating at every Norwich market stall was Jacket Spuds & More. This one was just a little challenging as it’s the only stall I’ve yet encountered, which the exception of Toby’s Beer which is a slightly different issue as it’s a bar, which has customers standing eating where I would usually expect to order.


The menu which doesn’t just have jacket potatoes, but also breakfasts, sandwiches and muffins.


And the drinks menu. The service was polite, but there was little opportunity for the engagement offered by other market stalls as orders have to be shouted over the top of other customers (or at least mine did). I understand it’s a market stall, but it just means that I can’t much comment more here, although they did take cards and everything was polite and welcoming.


I was pleased that they checked if I wanted butter or not, as I’m not keen on it on jacket potatoes. The potato was cooked well, had a crispy skin and there was a generous portion of beans, so everything was as expected. There was apparently black pepper available on the counter, but I couldn’t get to it and nearly every meal is improved with a generous sprinkling of it. James went for a similar menu option, although he went for cheese and beans, as well as having butter. He’s always been much more decadent than me though.

Overall, I felt that this stall offered decent food at reasonable prices, so I can’t imagine that anyone would be disappointed. I didn’t realise until later on that there was also the option of jacket potato with sausages which sounds suitably exciting. As a comment rather than as a complaint, this was the hardest stall yet to order at but everything looked clean and organised. I’d like to try one of their all day breakfasts next time, to see if they can surprise and delight me.