LDWA 100

LDWA 100 in 2021 (The 100 miles Long Distance Walkers Association Challenge Walk)

This is the story of how two idiots (well, one idiot and one inspirational walker) are, unless I can find a way of getting us banned, going to take part in the LDWA 100 in 2021. The link below has more information about this little plan.

LDWA 100 – The Story Behind This Little Plan

LDWA 100 – My FAQ About This Little Plan

And, a lot of this is about encouraging other people to walk. Not necessarily 100 miles, but perhaps just a bit further than people might have thought about before, the LDWA have challenge events that start at 18 miles and these are accessible for many more people.



These aren’t qualifying events, but I’ve written about some of the other challenge events I’ve done over the last couple of years, including the Smuggler’s Trod 2018 and 2019, as well as the Birmingham Canal Canter in 2019. Oh, and as bit more background, this is my report of the 2020 AGM.



And, when we can start walking, this is where the details of the longer (and some shorter) training walks will go…..

Walk 1 (Norwich to Caistor St. Edmund)

Walk 2 (Norwich to Mulbarton)

Walk 3 (Norwich to Lingwood)

Walk 4 (Norwich to Eaton)

Walk 5 (Great Yarmouth to Norwich) – Wherryman’s Way



Our first podcasts are now available, but everyone should contain themselves as we’re not Russell Brand….

Podcast Index



This is mostly empty as well since I’ve only just started. Here’s a motivational sports drink photo though….

100 Qualifiers – This is a link to the LDWA web-site and contains a list of the 50-mile events which are considered a suitable qualifying event for the 100. Everyone who wants to walk the 100 has to have completed one of these.

Previous 100 Events – A list of the previous events, and a link to the main LDWA web-site where there’s an excellent archive of the routes.

Outdoor Fitness and Adventure Magazine – Just a copy of the text that this magazine published about the event.



This little section will contain messages from others, but also advice from those who have completed the 100.

Simon Hodgin – Successful 100 entrant

Mike – Successful 100 entrant (entered 26 of them) and a suggested kit list

David Morgan – Q&As to the LDWA Chair

Alan Warrington – Q&As to the 100s Co-ordinator

Rob Newell – Q&As with Rob Newell

Simon Hodgin – Q&As with Simon Hodgin

Ken Falconer – Q&As with Ken Falconer

Tara Williams – Q&As with Tara Williams

Chelle Armour – Q&As with Chelle Armour

Adam Dawson – Q&As with Adam Dawson