Ukraine : Kharkiv – Batono Buba


Unfortunately, Kharkiv is now on the edge of a war zone following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but back in November 2018 my friend Jonathan and I were able to visit the city. I wasn’t feeling great and so lingered near to the railway station whilst Jonathan explored the centre, but we then met up to visit the Georgian restaurant of Batono Buba. I’m delighted to see that the restaurant is still trading despite all the challenges that they must have faced.


The rather attractive front cover of the menu. As an apology in advance, my memories of this visit are a little hazy.


The top one is chicken broth….


The interior, typically Georgian in style.


The chicken broth or something similar. I apologise for an appallingly sparse review of the food, but I hadn’t been intending to write this up at the time, it’s only seeing this beautiful city in a war zone that has reminded me of it. I remember that the food was delicious though. At the time I didn’t have this decadent blog to remember stuff, I just dumped it on Facebook and although I’ve found these photos on there from when I uploaded them I hadn’t bothered to write anything more about them at the time.


The side salad.


The food bill came to £7 for both of us, for two dishes and a drink each. There’s no surviving photo of what drink I had, but it was likely a local beer. Another omission that wouldn’t happen now that I’ve become slightly obsessed with Untappd…..

I remember that the service was welcoming and engaging, with the waiter’s broken English and Jonathan’s enthusiasm seeing us through. It makes me quite sad that this warm and open location has had some turbulent years with Covid and then Russia interfering with Ukraine, but I have fond recollections of the restaurant. I hope it’s not long before I can return to Kharkiv to see the rebirth of the city.