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Food from Every Stall on Norwich Market – Week 20 and Coral Bay


This week’s expedition on my quest to visit every food stall on Norwich Market was Coral Bay which offers Caribbean food. It’s not a cuisine that I know particularly well, other than some visits to the national Turtle Bay chain and a few pub meals over the years, but it’s always appealed.


The menu and we went for two Jerk Chicken meals for £13 as part of the lunch deal. The service was efficient, prompt and warm with no waiting time when we ordered. The stall accepts card and cash with everything looked clean and organised.


The patties in the warmer. The signage at the stall notes that this is a family operated business and they also have a restaurant in Gorleston.


There are sauces to add to the food which we took advantage of to further spice up proceedings.


The jerk chicken was served with salad, coleslaw and rice. The chicken was tender, moist and just fell off the bone which was all rather delightful. I was also pleased that the chicken skin was crispy, just as I like it. The coleslaw was creamy, the salad added texture and the rice handily absorbed all the BBQ and hot sauce I poured on it. There are a couple of seats at the end of the stall for customers so we sat there to eat the food, since I’m paranoid about the seagulls swooping down as soon as I leave the safe confines of the market.

This was one of my favourite meals at the market as it was reasonably priced, the menu looked interesting and the quality was high. James also viewed the meal positively and he appreciated the availability of hot sauce, since that’s something that he drinks throughout the day in the way that others drink water. Other customers were offered a loyalty card which we weren’t, but there was an inviting feel to the whole arrangement so I’d happily recommend it to others.

As an aside, we’ve only got seven venues left to try now, including both of the chips stalls operated by Lucy’s, which is where James and I have been eating for what seems like a decade. Will our traditional favourite win through, or have we been so surprised and delighted by the other stalls that we’ll be looking for pastures new? The anticipation is building…. (well, it isn’t as no-one is likely to care about this, but I like a little bit of drama).