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Food from Every Stall on Norwich Market – Week 19 and Reggies


Week 19 and my plan to eat at every Norwich Market food stall saw us visiting Reggies, which has been going for more than 60 years and is something of a staple of the market.


The stall’s clear and well presented menu, but they have a set-up which means it’s not entirely clear where you’re supposed to stand to order. On the plus side there are numerous ledges to lean on so there’s no need to leave the area and risk seagull attack to eat the food. The set-up meant it took them a while to notice me but the service was polite and I went for a BLT sandwich. It cost £3.50 and they accept cards and cash, with everything feeling clean and ordered.


James did think about getting that Reggie’s Belly Buster, but he went for a less decadent bacon and sausage sandwich instead. My BLT roll was served promptly, but I’m afraid that I may have been rather spoiled by Deb’s a couple of weeks before. The set-up there meant I could ask if they could cook the bacon a little longer as I like it crispy and they pro-actively offered to remove the fat which was marvellous but not something I’d ever ask to be done for me unless asked. This roll had two pieces of bacon, of which one was slightly grey, and it was just a little overly fatty for my own tastes (which are quite specialist I confess) and I can’t say it had much depth of taste. The tomato was quite soft and it did have some flavour, but the lettuce was only just present. There was nothing specifically wrong with the whole arrangement, but it wasn’t for me.

Although the whole set-up wasn’t for me, I will have to caveat this by noting the market stall is popular and given they’ve been going for decades they clearly know what they’re doing. But these market tours are something of a voyage of discovery and each stall will cater for the needs of particular customers and I think Deb’s is the venue serving this type of food that has surprised and delighted me the most. However, I’m sure there are some wonderful breakfast items at Reggie’s and a visit here is still recommended so that everyone else can find the market stall much suited to them.