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Food from Every Stall on Norwich Market – Week 25 and Falafel and Friends


This week’s visit to a food stall at Norwich market was Falafel and Friends, not one that I would have likely gone to outside of this project. My first impressions were positive, the signage was very clear on where to order and there was more clarity on this here than on any other stall I’ve visited at the market. This is a busy stall (I know this as I’ve sat eating chips opposite it for years) selling vegan food and they have burgers, hot dogs, wraps and the like.


The service was immediate and friendly, with the team member smiling and it all felt inviting. I thought that I’d go for the Kimchi Dog, but unfortunately they’d run out of that one. The team member suggested that I try the Buffalo Vegetarian Chicken Burger or the Sweet Potato Tempura Burger and in absence of knowing what else to order, I went for the latter. It cost £7.50 and the stall accepts cards and cash.


Customers are given a number which is then called out and I didn’t have long to wait (well, I did for James who was on some posh executive job) for the food. Customers were served in order and it all seemed organised and well managed.


My burger looked appetising and colourful with the bun being lightly toasted. The salad element added texture, particularly the cabbage, with the sweet chilli sauce providing plenty of flavour. The tempura batter also added texture and this was essential as the burger itself was soft, it was an interesting contrast. The cajun potatoes were salty and really quite sapid, I was suitably impressed and it did feel like comfort food.


In case anyone thinks that this photography is a step up for me, this is the photo that James took of his wrap. James went to the counter confused, as he often does, and the team member pretty much told him what he was going to order which worked well for all concerned. He was also pleased with the food, although we had to hide from the staff at the neighbouring Lucy’s Chips who must feel that we’ve completely abandoned them over recent months.

But, back to the beginning and when I mentioned this isn’t likely where I’d think to visit, but it was all better than I had anticipated. There was a depth of flavour to the food, it was well presented and the service was friendly and engaging. Definitely one of the better stalls that we’ve visited and there are some other tempting items that I might come back to try. I’m pleased to have been here and I’m reminded why I’m an advocate of forcing myself to try somewhere new.