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Food from Every Stall on Norwich Market – Week 12 and Cocina Mia


As of my two loyal readers might notice, the lack of posting in this series was slightly sub-optimal, but James and I are now making decent progress through the plan of mine to eat at every food stall at Norwich market. Cocina Mia is the twelfth stall I’ve visited in this series, it opened in 2017 and they specialise in Chilean food.


The menu board. As an aside, they also open on Thursday to Saturday evenings, where there’s a different and more expensive menu to choose from. More on their web-site at


The menu board in more detail.


As it’s too hot at the moment in Norwich, I was pleased to see this free water that was available to customers. This was rather handy and a kind gesture that maybe a few more stalls could replicate.


The service was friendly and welcoming with one team member taking the orders and the other preparing the food. Customers are given a numbered ticket when they order and that is called out when the food is ready, with mine being prepared in around four minutes. I went for the chicken & chorizo empanada with a side salad. James misheard me and ordered the same, having expected me to have ordered it with chips.


The food was well presented, looked appetising and colourful, with the salad having vibrancy rather than just being a heap of lettuce leaves. The empanada was generously filled with a tasty sauce and plenty of pieces of chorizo and chicken, all very tender and moreish. The salad had a depth of taste to it as well and although I can’t say what that sauce is, I think it’s some sort of pebre and it was delicious and slightly spicy. The shredded cabbage added texture and there were plenty of flavours with the whole arrangement.

James, who realised quite late on that he didn’t have chips, also enjoyed the quality of the food and we’re in agreement that we’ll visit here again. It shows just how cultured we’ve become, we can do more than just battered sausages, chips and scraps….


As another bonus, there’s a seating area which is just for customers of this stall and also Toby’s Beers. This makes eating lunch much more comfortable as opposed to trying to balance things in a quiet area whilst avoiding the feral pigeons that keep encroaching on market territory.

The food cost £9 and they accepted cards which was handy. I thought this was very decent, a richness of flavours and I’m tempted to try the spicy beef empanada next time. This idea that we had to try every stall at Norwich market is continuing to surprise and delight me, there’s so much choice here and the quality is often excellent. All rather lovely and definitely recommended.