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Food from Every Stall on Norwich Market – Week 13 and Indian Feast


Next on the list of my plan to visit every Norwich market stall with friends was Indian Feast which specialises in vegetarian food from India, although I accept that I likely didn’t need to specify that. It’s very well reviewed and appears to have been trading for several years. The stall refer to themselves as vegetarian and vegan, but every menu items appears to be vegan from what I can understand from the menu.


The food menu and it’s apparent from reviews that one of their most popular dishes is the Samosa Chat. James and I both went for this on the grounds we won’t bother ordering different things for the purposes of this blog post series, we’ll just start again when we’ve gone round and then order something new. I take these research projects very seriously and one visit is never enough anyway.


There are some curry dishes as well, but much of this is just a repeat from the other menu. The service was friendly and immediate, so it felt it was a welcoming environment. The server was engaging and she explained what options were available, with the ordering process being efficient. They accept cards and they also have a seating area of their own, something which always makes things easier. I find limited enjoyment in dodging seagulls and pigeons and they swarm around the area.


The meal consists of two vegetable samosas, chickpea curry, red onion, fresh coriander, a homemade fresh coriander and mint chutney along with a tamarind sauce. Just as an observation, the fork was slightly sub-optimal as it wasn’t strong enough to break into the samosas and it really needed a spoon for the sauce anyway. That minor issue aside, the food was well presented and looked appetising. There was a depth of flavour to the chickpea curry, although it only had the onion to add a little texture. There wasn’t much heat to this dish in terms of spice, but I enjoyed the flavours. The samosas had the suitably crispy exterior which complemented the interior well which was soft and lacking in texture. For my own perfect dish, I’d have quite liked just a little green chilli or something in the samosas to give it some extra flavour, but it was all very pleasant.

Anyway, this is yet another market stall that I’d recommend as it has a friendly welcome and reasonable prices. The kitchen element looked organised, with the seating area being clean and the surfaces were dry. I enjoyed the food and although would have preferred a little more depth of flavour and spice, it was a light and nutritious lunchtime meal. All rather lovely and probably one of the better options for those looking for a vegan or vegetarian lunch.