Bar Billiards

Bar Billiards – Serengeti Last Group Match


This was exciting (my normal caveat that I don’t get out much….), my first match against a first division side. It’s a cup game and both our sides, the Serengeti and the Golden Stars had won our first two matches, meaning that whoever won this game would proceed to the next round of the cup. As a bonus though, whoever lost would go through to the next round of the plate, so all was not lost. The scores haven’t been updated at the time of writing, but they will be at


To my delight, I was drawn first. I was surprised and delighted to win that game, which meant that I could focus on the food and not be impacted by any distractions such as playing. Unfortunately, my seven game winning streak came to an end in the doubles, where David and I couldn’t quite match our opponents, despite our best efforts. So many excellent and close games, it’s been the most enjoyable set of games to watch and many of them were close. The Golden Stars were the eventual victors, winning 5-4. I have to comment positively about Emma, as she’d want me to, who won two games again.

As the most important positive, this was the first match that I’ve properly enjoyed and didn’t feel even slightly stressed about. These things always take a little while, or at least they do for me. It feels like the bar billiards pressure is off now, making it all much calmer and exciting to play. I’m fortunate to have a calm team captain in Roy, steady and relaxed with no recriminations.


And the food, I had to ignore David moaning once again that I was taking photos of it  🙂   And Emma didn’t comment on my rushing to the food this time, but I was allowed as I was the referee for the next game and so needed priority. Actually, I think I’ve set a precedent here, but that’s a different matter that no-one will be too interested in.

The food was excellent, delicious chicken and potatoes (with a vegetarian option). Oscar and his team once against didn’t let us down, not that they ever would.


The post-match drink, a rather refreshing Manx Missile from Fixed Wheel Brewery. All really very lovely and roll on the next game in the plate. We’re wondering how many chicken strips we can fit on the plate if we win it this year, we’re just two matches away from finding out. Our next match is against the Cottage next Wednesday, back to playing a league match, and I’m already looking forwards to it without any stress  🙂