Bar Billiards

Norwich Bar Billiards League – Serengeti

I actually forgot to take any photos to record the bar billiards last night, but this is the nearest that I got and since there’s chalk on the table it’ll just have to do. Further to my last post on this matter, I’ve switched teams to now be part of the Serengeti which is also at the White Lion. This whole concept of beer and sport is rather an agreeable one, it’s definitely less damaging than the five a side football team thing I’ve set up and which played for the first time on Monday, but more about that in another riveting post……

Fortunately I managed to play sufficiently well last night not to be removed from the team, so that’s positive, and I’ve discovered some exciting rules that I didn’t know existed as part of the learning curve. Slightly nervous of the whole arrangement as I’m entirely uncompetitive (as I usually lose) it transpired to be even more exciting than I had hoped for during the sort of training session we had. I was aided with the support from the cheap seats (as opposed to the higher seats which have a premium view of the table) in the pub of Julian, which gave us the chance to debate our pubs excursion to North Walsham later today. Anyway, my first match next week against the International Brigade at the King’s Head. I’m looking forwards to the food and I’ve got an aim to score at least 800 in every match as a target, as well as a set of things that I need to practice, so that’s several games this weekend needed….

Oh and the Liberator Beer, orange blossom version, from Tindall at the White Lion was very agreeable.