Bar Billiards

Norwich Bar Billiards League – White Lion Manes

Here’s a photo of me from last year (NB, that isn’t a fashion item around my wrist, it was my face covering which I wasn’t sure where to put, although perhaps over my face would have been sensible) when I put myself in charge of refereeing a Legstretchers bar billiards tournament, although I probably remembered half the rules incorrectly. Anyway, I’ve joined a team this year, the White Lion Manes, although I’m more engaged with the food than the bar billiards bit. The league, slightly oddly referring to us as the White Lions Manes which poses me some grammatical issues, is at and I might get away with gossiping our team until someone happens to read up about what I’ve been writing and I’ll have to calm myself.

Anyway, our captain, who I shall refer to as Keir, is pretending that it isn’t something that should be taken seriously, although it’s clear to me that it is absolutely in his mind something that is more important than the essence of life itself. I will update this riveting blog on how many games I lose and when Keir orders me out of his team, but until that happens I shall merrily post even more photos of food which is why I’m doing this.

My home pub will be the White Lion, which is moderately annoying as it’s half way across the city from where I live, but I suppose I could pop into the King’s Head for a rest on the way there and back. I also don’t have a cue and I don’t want one, I’m not traipsing that around the city and it won’t make any difference to me anyway. I’m not sure that I know the rules either, which will cause a scene when Keir realises and mutters and moans that my fancy shot is actually in fact illegal. I understand that I have to referee some matches, which I shall be doing as infrequently as I can get away with as I’ll get muddled up and I don’t like adding up (Keir got an A at GCSE Maths so he’s alright).

Anyway, there’s food and beer involved, so hopefully the bar billiards bit won’t ruin those two key elements.