Bar Billiards

Bar Billiards – Serengeti Update

I have been inundated with messages asking about how I’m getting on at bar billiards and my team the Serengeti. I say inundated, but one person asked, but that’s enough for a blog post in my opinion. This might be mostly about the food, as I feel a breakdown of the game might be just a little excessive.


Well, this isn’t too bad. It’s the sixth win in a row for me, and it’s against the Manes this time. At the beginning of the season, the Manes captain made clear he only wanted people who weren’t as good as him at the game, hence why I joined the Serengeti    🙂    Typical that I then draw Nathan in both games, I can do without all this sporting rivalry. But, I concentrated on the food as that’s the important thing.

But, of course, I don’t get overly involved in these sporting matters, I just do what I’m told. It was a very close contest, 3-3 at the end of the singles match. This is a cup game and since the Serengeti have won both their games so far, I’m hopeful that we get to go further in the cup. All very enjoyable and close matches are always exciting. I’m not sure that my gameplay is the most interesting to watch at the moment, heavily based on keep scoring 10 points a lot, but maybe one day I’ll be able to do shots that my near namesake Jimmy White would be proud of.


But, as mentioned, the main reason that I take part is the food and I think I’ve made that clear on several occasions. The food provided by the White Lion and the curry was absolutely delicious. It’s a joy to play for a White Lion team, as we’re always surprised and delighted by the food that Oscar and his kitchen team provide. Apologies that I didn’t take a photo of the food before I dumped it on a plate, I’m not doing justice to the White Lion’s food in terms of the presentation. I only had two portions of the food which is low for me, but us Serengeti team members are held to high standards by the team captain Roy, we mustn’t be distracted. Our motto is “fun, food and victory” and that’s important to us. I say our motto, although I’ve just made that up, but maybe it could be. Back to the main matter though, I would like to mention here that the White Lion is the best pub in Norwich and should be visited at every opportunity.


And here’s a photo of Oscar and the Leopard’s dog. I have to say, and not just because I want something, but Oscar was in formidable form in his match. Anyway, back to the match which was closely fought and all very exciting. Well done to Emma, Wes and Julian on winning both their matches, they were all very brave. Especially me of course   🙂

The league and cup results and tables are at