Bar Billiards

Bar Billiards Update – Victory Against the Manes and Now Progression to the Plate Final


My first update in a little while on the bar billiards front, but we haven’t played many games recently. This was our league match a couple of weeks ago, where I was present but not playing. We managed to beat the Manes 6-3.


Today we played the Vikings, a first division team based in South Walsham, in the semi-final of the Plate. They transpired to be a marvellous opposition, not taking it too seriously and I think it was a rather entertaining evening. Here’s the food, I went for the moreish chickpea curry on the left and was delighted to see not many others did, so I accidentally had six portions and there was still plenty left for others. Thanks to Oscar for funding this and Chay for preparing it. There are few better pubs in Norfolk than the White Lion under Oscar’s management.


How rather lovely. But, it’s not all about the food! Well, it is mostly, but it’s also about having fun and tonight had an upbeat atmosphere.


And we managed to overcome the Vikings, winning 6-3. It’s a team effort, but since this is my blog, I will mention that I won both my games. There were some close games which added somewhat to proceedings, but as we were 3-1 down when I went to play my singles game it didn’t look good to start off with. Huge thanks to Zac for his impeccable training every Tuesday night at the White Lion (even though plays for another team), some of the shots that he has taught me proved to be useful. I won’t call out individuals as it’s a team effort (other than me, but I’ve explained the reasoning for that), but Guy’s 400 in his doubles game was something special on the final shot. Also, I was impressed to see Julian watching a little bit of one of the games, I think he’s getting into this  🙂

We now play the formidable and friendly International Brigade in the final at a neutral venue. Due to another project I’m engaged with, it might mean that I can’t make the final, but I’m doing all I can to be there as I’d love to see this journey through. Thanks once again to Emma for inviting me into the league (what a talent spotter she is!) and for our marvellous captain Roy for accepting me, it’s all been rather exciting  🙂  Here’s hoping for success for us in the final!