Bar Billiards

Bar Billiards – Latest Unofficial Update from the Serengeti


I’m pleased to say that Roy, our hardened captain, has yet to be offended at my bar billiards witterings and so I will merrily continue with this little series of posts. With great tact of course. The lack of recent updates is because we haven’t played a game in a month, but we’re back now with a vigorous programme of training planned. Although this training is mostly going to the pub and drinking, but that’s a different matter, it’s all about the intent.

I arrived at the White Lion after doing some research work around Norwich with Julian and when I turned up Paul mentioned that he’d just worked out who the “other Julian” was. Namely, me. I get that a lot and it transpired that I was playing Paul in the singles. That meant one of Julian’s friends was going to be disappointed with the outcome.


The main event of the evening is of course the food which arrived just before the third game started. I like the food arriving early on, saves me going to bother Eli with subtle hints about the arrangements. Chay, who has I think recovered from injuries following our five a side football, prepared a rather lovely chicken thing alongside a chickpea thing. Delicious. I feel that I haven’t described the food very carefully, but it’ll do to explain it and I had four portions as it was so tasty. Don’t ask about the portions (and, I’d better add everyone else had finished!), but I’m pleased Roy doesn’t take this too seriously as otherwise I suspect I’d be quite annoying  🙂


And, without further ado, there are the latest scores. We won 7-2, but the singles match flatters me as I was feeling oddly jittery. I think it might have been the pubs early, as I don’t take this bar billiards particularly seriously to be too concerned about it. Fair play to Paul, I think he got a little unlucky and I just kept plodding on. I just turn up to every practice and match ready to eat and drink, gossip and maybe even play some bar billiards. We were 5-1 ahead after the singles, which took the pressure off us somewhat before starting with the doubles games. I did think if I lost I might have to start getting some form of lucky clothing, like Nathan and his rather awesome bar billiards shoes  🙂

The International Brigade are a marvellous team, so it was a delight to play them. They’re in the running for promotion and have only lost one game all season, so it’s fair to say that our team was delighted, and a little surprised, with the victory. But, it’s all meant to be fun, and I think everyone had a rather enjoyable evening. How very lovely and we’re playing again next week, although I don’t know who against, but I’ll be there!