Bar Billiards

Football, Squash, Snooker and Now Even More Bar Billiards :)

In my continued quest for sporting prowess, I’ve now set up a Hike Norfolk bar billiards and snooker group so that I can progress my bar billiards skills and get a break of more than about 5 in snooker. Pleased with several sign-ups already today, but anyone else interested can find out more at Anyone interested can e-mail me at As can anyone interested in the Hike Norfolk squash group, where I’ll have to be careful not to injure myself with my very brave current three games a week.

And yes, I am hinting very strongly just how sporty I am, anything to outdo Simon Hodgin   🙂

And project football is going well, with a surge of new players we’re adding Friday evenings to the current Monday evenings schedule. I’ve definitely missed a career in football management….. Anyone I know who is interested in playing, don’t hesitate to message me  🙂

In today’s quiz question, which sport will I injure myself in first. Will it be squash, football, bar billiards or snooker?