Five A Side – Another One of My Good Ideas….. (or maybe not)

As one of Norwich’s leading athletes I decided that I should come up with a new idea to show off my sporting prowess, because long-distance walking, squash, bar billiards and competitive crisp eating just isn’t enough for me. I’ve straggled enough people together to form a five a side team, or technically two teams otherwise there wouldn’t be much of a game. We played at Goals on Hall Road and I must say that they’re incredibly welcoming and made the whole thing easy to book and arrange.

I’ve realised a few things after playing for an hour which include that bar billiards hasn’t given the ability to sprint for short distances tens of times, as well as discovering that my feet are more delicate than I had anticipated. And I’ve grazed my knees, so the multiple warnings I received in the King’s Head the night before that I might injure myself sort of were very valid concerns. I did score a goal though, so that was a highlight and I think it was the best of the game, an essential part of our victory against the other team.

Next game in a few weeks and then probably fortnightly after that, fortunately it seems that just about everyone wants to play again and some new recruits are coming along to add to the mix. And Dylan is a very good little player although I ignored his taunts of why couldn’t I run as fast as him. Everyone else didn’t feel the need to have food after the game, but Dylan and I needed Chicken McNuggets, so I’m suspecting that we’re the two professionals of this whole arrangement.

I probably should get a couple more photos next time as well in case I feel the need to write about it.