Five A Side – Hanging My Boots Up for a While

As a quick update for my two loyal readers. My rather wonderful, if sometimes sickly, brigade of football players will have to cope without me for a few months as I’ll be away. But I decided to leave on a high last night as I scored 4.5 goals. It would have been 5, but one of their team kicked the ball in as an own goal, but I think it would have gone in anyway, so we’ll call it 5. I keep signing up one more person every time I visit the White Lion, so hopefully Liam (who is taking over organising this for a while) will have enough players to ensure it doesn’t all fall apart by the time I get back. On the bright side, I won’t get home with several hundred little bits of black rubber (or whatever it is) from the Astroturf (again, or whatever it is) pitch thing.

I think Chay wins player of the evening for managing to slide over on more than 20 occasions which added to the general excitement. And he was playing with a damaged finger, I think that deserves quite a lot of respect. My footballing ability never really improved, but my enthusiasm never waned at least.