Five A Side – A Little Update

I’ve realised I haven’t recently updated my two loyal followers on this blog about my brave five a side exploits. In my enthusiasm for this project, we’ve got three dates booked this month for the first time (including twice in one week, so what a time to be alive!!) as once a month on a Monday just wasn’t enough for someone of my footballing ability. Or something like that anyway, although I somehow scored a goal last night which wasn’t an own goal so I awarded myself man of the match. I ignored that some of the players were running solidly for over an hour whilst I had a little lean against the wall quite a lot.

And for anyone interested in joining this whole arrangement, e-mail as goodness knows if we have enough players for the number of games that I’m organising at the moment. Although there are some star players (I won’t name them as this isn’t a football review site) a few of us struggle to kick the ball straight. As a big bonus though, they’re relaid the pitches at Goals so that when players fall over, which is quite often, the situation isn’t quite as painful. Julian S is still appalled at what he considers such a dangerous activity, he’s worried I’ll be too injured to visit the pub, which is a very kind sentiment although I note I haven’t injured myself for months….. And I run the risk of having three players who are the staff at my favourite Norwich pub, so if I injure all three of them then the service would be rather more interesting.

I also admire that some people are playing despite their injuries, although the youngest member of the team has broken his collarbone (not playing football I’d add) and can’t play for three weeks. Most inconvenient for my planning purposes. It’s now two Mondays and one Friday a month for anyone interested, or some similar combination.