Bar Billiards

Norwich Bar Billiards – Serengeti Storm to Victory


Well, this is the stuff of dreams, my team the Serengeti beat the White Lion Manes 6-3. For me, this was particularly exciting as I was transferred from the Manes to the Serengeti at the beginning of the season, which meant I was a bit nervous about playing them.


The draw, and there’s Keir (or Nathan, the captain of the Manes, as I briefly referred to him in a previous post) from the Manes. I was, to be honest, disappointed to be randomly drawn sixth, but there we go.


Here we are, and it was mentioned by me team that I was sitting with the “opposition”, but there was a reason for that.


The reason was that I knew in advance where Dylan, one of the talented White Lion staff, was placing the food. Now, I accept that the food and drink isn’t the only factor for bar billiards players, but, for me, it was the most important if I’m being honest. And the chips and chilli were excellent, thanks to Oscar and the White Lion team.


I was nervous, everyone was pretty aware of that, but I’m always determined even though things might seem stressful at first. I was pleased to win against Oscar, the landlord of the White Lion (fortunately, I wasn’t barred from the pub) and then win doubles as well. Thanks to David who mentioned that he’d never seen me look so serious, but I didn’t want to let my captain Roy down! We were losing 3-2 when I took to the table, but I made it 3-3, then we won all of the doubles matches.


What Julian, just back from Cardiff, treated me to as “a celebration feast” after the victory. What a time to be alive! Some of our victorious team also went to the King’s Head afterwards, how really rather lovely! The Serengeti are on a roll! Although my next post will likely be how I’ve lost two games and broken a cue or something….