Gdansk Group Trip – Day 5 (Billy’s American Restaurant)


After some confusion at Whiskey in the Jar, we decamped next door to Billy’s American Restaurant which I had visited last year when I came to Gdansk on my own.


Susanna was very excited at her cocktail which was fizzing and bubbling. Actually, to be honest, we all were and I’ve videoed the whole experience which I’ll upload here at some point. It’s amazing what a little bit of dry ice can do, although I suspect the waiter thought he had a load of idiots in after watching our joy at this simple thing. He never showed that though, the service here was personable and helpful throughout.


See, I wasn’t exaggerating about the excitement….


I went for the Touchdown IPA from Browar Czarna Owca, a very decent American IPA which was in keeping with the restaurant’s theme.


I opted for that traditional Polish dish of chicken fajitas and I was sufficiently surprised and delighted by this arrangement. Tender chicken and plenty of opportunity for me to make my own wrap, I nearly always seem to end up ordering these when I see them on a menu. I think it’s the childlike sense of excitement of shoving random food in a wrap, although in my opinion they never give enough to complete the job efficiently. Anyway, I digress, and I think that everyone enjoyed their meal. Susanna kindly gave me some of her ribs, they were tender and the meat fell off the bone.

I’m pleased to say that we didn’t experience any issues with the bill, which was a relief after the earlier little problem that we encountered. The restaurant wasn’t that busy, but the atmosphere was inviting and vibrant with the food and drink being served after a reasonable period of time. We weren’t rushed out and indeed I had to get Susanna to attract the waiter’s eye, which she’s good at, to get the bill.


It was our last night in the city, but most of the group were exhausted. However Richard and I are nothing but hardcore, so we went to another bar.


Just for completeness, we went back to Pułalpka and I had the Miraz double fruited imperial pastry sour with lots of plum flavour to it. Not a bad way to end the weekend in Gdansk in terms of the bars.


Gdansk looking lovely at night and I am missing this fine city.