Gdansk Group Trip – Day 2 (Pułapka)


I’ve visited Pułapka before and won’t add much to my previous post on it, but it’s another one of my favourite bars in Gdansk. I accept that I have quite a lot of favourite bars here…..

I do want to quickly write here about the Girbik from the Ziemia Obiecana brewery, and I’ve had several beers from them in the past and they’ve all been excellent. This is a 7.2% DIPA but the alcohol strength isn’t easily noticeable, it’s too smooth a beer. Hoppy, fruity and a suitably decadent way to end the evening.


Oh, and the covered over stairs to the basement, who knows what secrets lie down there….

It’s fairly likely that I’ll drag the rest of the group back here over the weekend, I’ve noticed some bottles on their Untappd list that I’ve taken quite a fancy to. Incidentally, Ross and I were in this bar when we discovered that Susanna and Bev had successfully caught their flight to Gdansk, so the weekend really will be starting soon!