Gdansk Group Trip – Day 3 (And Then There Were Five)


I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep up on this blog given how much I forced the group to pack into yesterday, but let’s see how we go. As we woke up on the third day of this trip, we had Steve in a Gdansk airport hotel, Richard in a Warsaw hotel and then Bev and Susanna in their city centre Gdansk hotel sobering up after their missing the flight the previous day.


I had been woken at 06:00 by the church bells, but I considered this as a good thing, generations of people have been woken up by them and it all adds to the authenticity of a visit. Someone might complain in the future and they’ll be silenced, but for now, they can ring freely. I couldn’t actually see the church from my window, but I could see the tower of the Mercure Gdansk, so my two loyal readers can look at a photo of that. I’m not sure how I haven’t managed to stay there, maybe next time.


Steve, ever calm and professional, managed to make it to the hotel where Ross and I were staying, before we went to walk to see Bev and Susanna. Susanna was there, calm and unflustered, whilst Bev had gone to get a coffee in a desperate attempt to wake up. Our day was to consist of a visit to the Cathedral, a visit to the Solidarity Museum, lunch at a decadent food court, a boat trip on a galleon, a bar and then an evening meal. Fortunately, this did work out, and as a spoiler for the next few posts I’m pleased to say that everyone was well behaved, Bev was only slightly sluggish in getting around and Richard only had one sneezing fit which caught the attention of the entire restaurant. History, culture, beer and politics, a fine combination. The only slight limitation with this whole arrangement is that it’s too hot in Gdansk.