Gdansk Group Trip – Day 2 (They’ve Missed Their Bloody Flight)

Before I started leading holidays for the elderly, it was explained to me by Gordon that I had to be patient and understanding. These are natural traits for me, so I didn’t have to learn those skills, but it’s always grounding to remember them. These were put to the test when this afternoon Bev messaged to tell us that Susanna and her had got drunk and gone to the wrong gate. Now, I’m not going to judge, but this is hardly ideal.

We all reacted in different ways. I was understanding, Ross was quite rude about them, Steve was calm whilst Richard entirely ignored the situation and posted a photo of his dinner on the group chat. But, everyone is unique and that’s the joy of the world. Ross and I, merrily having our evening meal in Gdansk, have watched the drama unfold throughout the evening whilst Steve has been very much the adult of the group back in the UK. We’re all lucky that he’s been on hand, enjoying his drink in the Wetherspoons at the airport that Ross and I were at yesterday.

Ryanair, that bastion of great customer service, agreed to put the merry two on stand-by for the later flight. This is the flight that Bev and Susanna hadn’t wanted to get initially as it was getting them into Gdansk too late. But, this time, they were very excited about getting on it, but there were no guarantees. However, Ryanair don’t overbook and it was likely they’d be OK, but things are never certain. There were three people on stand-by, and things looked positive as there are always some people who don’t turn up.

Ross and I were so stressed that we went to a few bars to help calm our nerves, before we got the news that after payment of £100 each, Susanna and Bev were on board the same flight as Steve. All is well with the world, and I’m pleased that I kindly went to where they were staying and checked that they could still check-in late. I was willing to meet them, as the naturally kind person I am, at the night bus stop, but they’ve splashed out on a posh taxi so I don’t need to stay up now. I’ve got a busy schedule of museums, bars, food and boats for tomorrow, so they’d better not be tired.

The lesson here is that be responsible in an airport, or always have an adult on hand to offer assistance and support.