Gdansk – Hotel Novotel Gdańsk Centrum (Repeat Visits)

I wrote about the Novotel Gdansk Centrum a couple of weeks ago after my first stay, but I made several repeat visits and it’s fair to say that I think it’s a very well run hotel. It seemed very quiet on my first visit, but things have picked up somewhat now which I’m pleased to see.

I’ve been given a series of different rooms, one of them was a themed Japanese room.

I’m not sure of the functionality of this themed room, especially since they took the sofa out to fit everything else in, but I do like it when hotels have an quirky element. Especially when they’re built as corporate hotels which have a brand standard, some variety added to the mix seems useful to me.

That’s what the standard room looks like. On every occasion the room was clean and tidy, with no noise issues internally or externally on any night. I also appreciated the Nespresso coffee machine, even though I’m trying to cut my coffee consumption.

I’ve gone through a range of welcome drinks as well, including Żywiec Porter, Żywiec APA and Żywiec IPA.

And the assorted welcome gifts, which I always very much appreciate. In one case the manager came to the room to hand the gift over, which I was I suspect as I was given the wrong room at check-in, but whatever way, this makes me feel very welcome. The honey roasted peanuts and those truffles really are delightful.

In case the hotel wondered where its salami and gherkins kept going, there’s the answer.

The staff here have been friendly throughout, to the point where the helpful man who works endlessly hard judging by how often he’s at reception, now recognises me. As a hotel, it seems impeccably managed to me, there have been no problems during any of my stays and I think that it represents excellent value for money given that the prices have been so low recently. All very lovely. There’s more information about the hotel here.