Gdansk – Ibis Gdańsk Stare Miasto (2022 Visits)

I stayed in this hotel a couple of years ago when I last visited Gdansk, but am posting again as I thought that my two visits on this trip were particularly positive. And when things go right, I may as well write about them……

As is perhaps evident from these photos, I was given the same room on both my stays. I think they have a few with Espresso machines and the like, so the chances of getting the same room is higher than it might appear. Anyway, the rooms were spotlessly clean and everything was as expected.

There was no welcome gift on my first stay, but that’s not surprising as it’s not the brand standard for Ibis to offer anything. On the second visit though things improved somewhat, with a mini bottle of red wine. I’m not really a red wine drinker, but I’m not going to refuse any hospitality and my uneducated wine palate decided it tasted quite pleasant. There was a handwritten welcome letter as well which was a kind touch.

And the welcome drink of my choice, which was the Żywiec APA. Accor hotels in Poland do a much better job in my view than in any other country, they have a consistency to them which can perhaps only be obtained by having one company (in this case Orbis) running every hotel in the country.

And photos of the breakfast arrangement. Some of the rolls on my second visit tasted like they’d been there a bit too long, but there was some rather delicious apple pie and there were sufficient options available. Everything is neatly arranged and the  breakfast area was clean and organised. They had pierogi, three different sausage options, beans and eggs as well for those who wanted some hot options.

The staff here are helpful, including them being very accommodating when I needed to be on a Zoom meeting at lunch-time, with the late checkout being willingly offered for free. The hotel is located near to the city’s main railway station and about a five minute walk from the centre of the Old Town area, so all rather convenient. I don’t need to worry about parking a car, but I noticed that cost 50zl per night for anyone who needed to. There were no noise issues, either internally or externally, on either stay, with the prices being towards the lower end of the scale again. So, once again, all rather lovely.

There’s further information about the hotel here.