Gdansk – Ibis Gdańsk Stare Miasto

The city’s relatively new Ibis hotel, somewhat in the shadow of its sister hotel in the background, the Mercure Gdansk. The hotel has a feeling of being modern and contemporary, in terms of its decor, atmosphere and the attitude of the staff. It also has that set-up of not really having a reception desk, the whole check-in process is managed within the public seating area of the hotel. I’m still not convinced by this, judging by the number of hotels reversing this trend, I’m not sure it’s the ideal first welcome.

The room was the usual Ibis design, all clean and comfortable.

The welcome gift, which were caramel peanuts and they were very lovely. There were also quite a lot more than the packaging might have suggested. They’re in a presentation box specially made for the hotel and it seemed a shame to throw it away, but I have enough things to carry about already.

The view from the room.

The welcome drink, which was Żywiec, poured in the continental style. As usual, it tasted as it was meant to and was at the appropriate temperature.

The restaurant and breakfast area. I didn’t see many people dining in the restaurant, it must be a challenge given that it’s not a large hotel and there are also no shortage of nearby dining options.

The breakfast croissants and rolls, along with apples, which at times seemed to be everywhere. On the first day there was also apple pie, which was a decent addition, although that wasn’t out on the second morning. The choice of bread and rolls also deteriorated on the second morning that I was there.

More of the breakfast options.

The meats, cheeses and salads. I’m not entirely convinced by the meat which Ibis use throughout Poland, it isn’t the best of quality and is bland to the point of, I think, being pointless. The hot options here looked unappealing and the bread selection was a little weak compared to normal. The butter was frustrating, it’s the first Accor hotel I’ve been at where they’ve got a huge slab of it and a knife to slice bits off, although in practical terms, it’s not ideal as the plate makes it impossible to cut from the edge, only along the top. I’d rather they did what their other hotels did and just have pre-cut sections of butter. There were dollops of mackerel in a paste which I had high hopes for, but these were riven with bones of a length that I didn’t particularly want to eat, so that went uneaten. It was all fine, but below the usual Ibis quality, although it was well presented.

The staff here were always friendly and helpful, although the hotel didn’t feel particularly busy at any stage. There were no noise disturbances either internally or externally, although the church bells rang every hour during the evening which I rather liked. The room wasn’t fully restocked on the second day, an omission which was mildly irritating, but not exactly a problem of any particular measure.

The cost of this room was under £30 including breakfast, which was quite marvellous given that it’s a hotel in the centre of Gdansk and just a five-minute walk from the Old Town. There was a friendly environment, a clean room and I liked the welcome gift. I’ve stayed at several hotels in Gdansk over the years and this is certainly one of the best.