London – Redbridge (Borough of) – Ibis Styles London Seven Kings (Update)

I commented, at length, about the disappointing experience I was having at the Ibis Styles London Seven Kings hotel. Anyway, I was going to leave it at that since it’s a new hotel and I wrote the post mid-way through my stay and hoped it might get better. But, whether through spite or not, they’ve now left my room door open today after cleaning it. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt about their intentions, but it’s really not ideal to leave customer rooms open all day.

The hotel isn’t using phones in the room, instead they’re using a WhatsApp system to alert reception if customers have any questions or queries. I love these systems, it’s a great way for hotels to be able to engage with customers and have effectively real-time communications. They’re also alerting customers to this system at the reception desk. I thought this was great.

I merrily report that my room has been left open all day to the reception desk using the WhatsApp system, just in case I later discover anything of theirs (or mine) has been stolen from the room. It transpires they haven’t bothered to look at their WhatsApp account since early evening of yesterday (26 hours ago). If someone had experienced an emergency in the room, no-one would know at Accor and there’s nothing the guest could do.

Incidentally, I note a negative review the hotel has received today:

“In the morning we went down for breakfast. Arrived in time, but the options what you can choose for the price, is zero. I asked for some bacon, but they not making on Sunday (???) No fruit to choose, no yoghurt, nothing… I’m really sad, but I can’t recommend this place.”

Sounds a delightful breakfast……..

Anyway, I move to another Accor hotel today, let’s hope it’s a more positive engagement   🙂

[as an aside, the hotel did notice their WhatsApp message at 3am and mentioned the general manager would get in touch when they got in. They haven’t, but I think it’s best that my stay at this hotel is best forgotten for them and for me……]